Re: [tied] Re: Wheels.

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 3972
Date: 2000-09-21

>Strange that the Sumerians, who could see the heavens clearly and [...]

Look, John, stop saying that. It rains alot in Vancouver but Vancouverites
know what stars look like. Quit the stupidity. There are few places on earth
where the stars can't be seen. Get real.

>who later based their whole religion on cosmo-mythological >associations,
>clearly based upon their complex base 6/12/60 numerical >system, [...]

The question is whether the numerical system is native Sumerian or derived
also from the Ubaid influence. We don't know. That's a groundless support
for your view.

>[...] should (according to Glen) have been incapable of creating it for
>themselves and in fact borrowed it from contemporary or later
>arrivals, people who migrated into Southern Iraq from cloudy areas
>where the uninterupted view of the night sky was made more difficult,
>and who didn't use the Sumerian number system.

You're crazy. Both the "number system" arguement and the "cloudy area"
arguement are both proof of nothing.

>Even stranger that the Sumerian system of science, for example, as
> >discussed by Jean Bottero in his essay "Divination and the Scientific
> >Spirit" in his book "Mesopotamia: Writing, Reasoning and the Gods", >that
>underpinned this cosmo-mythological system, should have been >borrowed from
>an invented Europo-Semitish culture (which has no >archaeological evidence)

No, from a purely _Europoid_ belief existant throughout Anatolia at one
time. So are you saying that the native Sumerians invented agriculture then?
If not, you have no case because if agriculture can spread further south, so
can mythology. It's as simple as that.

>[...]who did not possess such a system of science. That sounds
>like a case of Einstein inventing relativity by copying it from the
>belief systems of the Saami

Actually, stranger yet, it appears that Einstein was heavily affected in
viewpoint by that which existed in faraway India. He was of a very pacific
nature, believing firmly in peace, and admired Gandhi, did he not? But...
We'll just pretend what you said made sense, 'kay? Whatever.

John rants on:
>By the way Glen, I'd also recommed you
>read Bottero's essay on "The Religious System" and "The Mythology of
>Death", before you go claiming that Sumerian was the derivative
>culture and the invented Europo-Semitish the creative one. What
>next... Atlantis anyone?

It's just too easy sometimes. Neah, I won't say anything. (slapping own

- gLeN

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