Re: [tied] Re: Parvati

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 3961
Date: 2000-09-21

>The element -vant-/-vat- is not a 'water' word, as you seem to >believe,

... to have presumed based on a book's transliteration as "Flowing Water".
My bad...

The word does not have the same morphological structure as Sarasvati:, since
the base here is parvata- 'mountain, boulder',

Yes I understand.

>I think I'll pour myself some Fire Water. Cheers,

We have this thing called "Prarie Fire" over here. It's alot of Tabasco
sauce poured into Tequila. Yum. I had a bad experience with it though. Let's
just say that I had some serious dry-cleaning to do :(

- gLeN

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