Re: [tied] Wheels.

From: João Simões Lopes Filho
Message: 3958
Date: 2000-09-21

Sumerian didn't invent the names of days of week: they invented the names of
days of week now used in Western World, addapted through Greece and Rome.

Joao SL
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> John:
> > the Sumerians (who invented writing, historical record keeping,
> >building, the wheel, irrigation etc etc)
> Mark:
> >The wheel? The wheel is nowhere attested until after 4000 BCE. After
> >BCE it seems to be everywhere. The Brononice pot is apparently >the
> >earliest representation ***ANYWHERE*** of a wheeled vehicle.
> Thanks, Mark. I'd like to also add that just because Sumerians have
> supposedly native names for planets doesn't necessarily mean that they
> the first to create the cosmo-mythological associations. The Japanese have
> "Japanese" terms for the days of the week as well as the planets. Were
> the originators of the days of the week? The Chinese perhaps? I'll just
> John sit on that one for a while and rotate like a wheel.
> - gLeN
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