Re: Wheels.

From: John Croft
Message: 3954
Date: 2000-09-21

Glen wrote

> I'd like to also add that just because Sumerians have
> supposedly native names for planets doesn't necessarily mean that
they were
> the first to create the cosmo-mythological associations.

Strange that the Sumerians, who could see the heavens clearly and who
later based their whole religion on cosmo-mythological associations,
clearly based upon their complex base 6/12/60 numerical system,
should (according to Glen) have been incapable of creating it for
themselves and in fact borrowed it from contemporary or later
arrivals, people who migrated into Southern Iraq from cloudy areas
where the uninterupted view of the night sky was made more difficult,
and who didn't use the Sumerian number system. Even stranger that
the Sumerian system of science, for example, as discussed by Jean
Bottero in his essay "Divination and the Scientific Spirit" in his
book "Mesopotamia: Writing, Reasoning and the Gods", that underpinned
this cosmo-mythological system, should have been borrowed from an
invented Europo-Semitish culture (which has no archaeological
evidence) who did not possess such a system of science. That sounds
like a case of Einstein inventing relativity by copying it from the
belief systems of the Saami (certainly the distances from Germany to
Lappland is about the same as the distance between Sumerian southern
Iraq and the Balkans where Glen's Europe-Semitish belief system is
supposed to have started). By the way Glen, I'd also recommed you
read Bottero's essay on "The Religious System" and "The Mythology of
Death", before you go claiming that Sumerian was the derivative
culture and the invented Europo-Semitish the creative one. What
next... Atlantis anyone?