Re: [tied] Re: Parvati

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 3945
Date: 2000-09-20

I said:
>Using the same analogy as Sarasvati,
>we would get Par-vati meaning "Fire Water". Speak to me.

Dennis K:
>No you wouldn't. To begin with -vat� has nothing to do with water.
>Sarasvat� is a transparent compound of saras (pool) and the common
>feminine adjectival suffix -vat�, yielding "female/feminine someone
>or something that has pools", or "pool-possessor, fem. gender", in
>this case the river Sarasvat� and the goddess.

Aah, the *-want ending. Hmmm... Then could Parvati derive from a corrupt or
dialectal version of "fire" + this -vati: prefix? Hence, "having fire" or
"fire-possessor". She kinda possesses Shiva, afterall :)

- gLeN

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