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From: João Simões Lopes Filho
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Date: 2000-09-20

Other possibility is that Dian cecht was the "Irishized" form of a
non-Irish, pre-Celtic name.
I even don't understand clearly the phonetical changes in Irish. The Celtic
*q > Irish c, or Celtic *q > Irish c-w- (cf. coic "five"). Does *q develop a
u-glide that modifies following vowel?
Joao SL
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> But Welsh Pybyr must come from a form *Kwekw- and not *Kekw- (unless you
> just made a typo) because *Kekw- would lead to a Celtic *Cep-/*Cip (and
> Welsh *Ceb/*Cib). Pokorny has Pybyr coming from a redupl. form of *Kuer-
> "shape/make" (thus, *Kwe-Kwer-o).
> Another possibility is that Cecht comes from *Kwek- "to see" which is
> related to some words meaning "eye" or "shine" in the different languages
> Indic kasate, Persian casman, Greek tekhmoor)
> -C. Gwinn