Re: [tied] Re: Pexwr-Genos

From: João Simões Lopes Filho
Message: 3917
Date: 2000-09-20

Pa:rvati means "mountaineer". Pa:rvati was daughter of the Himavat,
personification of Himalayas mountains.

Joao SL
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> C. Gwinn contributes:
> >I still don't get this Pexwr-Genos bit.
> >
> >If Parjanya came from Pexw(o)r - gen(y)-os, his name would be Indic
> >*Purjanya or *Pavarjanya.
> Don't you remember Parvati? What is her name all about then? She is the
> consort of Shiva. Shiva has aspects of an underlying IE fire-related god
> Joao also mentions. In my view, Shiva is the Hindu version of *PexwrGnnos
> "Fire-Born". Parvati therefore can be interpreted as something like "Fire
> Bride" where, again, the *Par- prefix seems to have originally refered to
> "fire". She certainly didn't strike anything although it can be a real
> in the ass to be a consort of the desireless Shiva :)
> - gLeN
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