Re: [tied] Re: Religion

From: Dennis King
Message: 3908
Date: 2000-09-20

Chris wrote:

> > I have Dian Cecht as "Swift Plow" (dian "swift"
> > cecht "plow") but Pokorny lists cecht as meaning
> > "powerful" (I don't know where he gets this
> > definition) and relates it to Indic sakti

A bit more on the cécht - shakti connection:
Vendryes calls "cécht" a "mot de glossaire", but
accepts it as authentic. He is willing to link
it and the adjective "cicharda" (terrible - épithète
épique appliquée aus yeux d'un héros), along with
Welsh "pybyr" (strong), to Skt. s'akrah (strong),
calling them all down from *kekwro-.