Re: [tied] Re: About methodology...

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 3482
Date: 2000-08-30

Glen (me) in reply to John's Wiru example wrote:
>Based on your numerical figures (and I won't ask how they were
>arrived at), it would seem that it is primarily West-Central >Highlands. I
>have trouble believing that any language is so mixed up >that there are
>_equal_ connections between two groups. That scenario >is very unlikely.

>Not at all. When one looks at family kinship networks and migration
>patterns one sees that the Wiru area is equally linked to the
>Imbonggu (Medlpa) group around Ialibu and to the Kewa (West-Central)
>group around Kagua. With movements into the Wiru area being of equal
>provinance, it is hardly surpirisng that there is such an admixture.

However, what I really meant by the statement above was that this scenario
(in general) is very unlikely. Attaining "equal" relationship is like trying
to sit a large ball on the pointy tip of a cone. As for Papuan, I'll have to
rely on your word for now until I start examining those languages sometime
in the next decade after DeneCaucasian is fully reconstructed :)

- gLeN

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