Re: Otzi's 'nationality'

From: HÃ¥kan Lindgren
Message: 3386
Date: 2000-08-24

Otzi's nationality? Well, don't you know, he's Italian! No, he's an Austrian!
When people realized how old he was, there was a lot of arguing between these two countries - on which side of the border was he found?  He was found on Italian soil, only a few metres from the Austrian border, but how can you tell exactly where the unmarked border is high up in the mountains? Both countries wanted him, and according to BerlinOnline people went up in the mountains with measuring equipment, arguing about every inch of soil. I remember people saying things like: "Well, he died on our side, but the glacier has moved him since then. Glaciers move, you know!" Austrian nationalists were especially angry because this mountain area used to belong to Austria, but was given to Italy after WW I, a fact which some Austrian nationalists still haven't accepted.
...perhaps Bernal will step in and settle the issue by telling us that Otzi was actually black?