Re: [tied] Koios and Phoibe: coincidence?

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 3342
Date: 2000-08-21

Joao dreams a little dream:
>Let's compare titan KOIOS and PHOIBE "moon" with Finnish KUU "moon" >and
>PAIVA "sun". Coincidence? Does anybody know the Uralic etymology >of these

Yes, Finnish /kuu/ and /p�iv�/ are definitely FinnoUgric terms spoken some
time in the 4th or 3rd millenium BCE. They are reconstructed with the same
form as Finnish, I believe (cf. Hungarian /hold/ "moon" is related to
Finnish /kuu/ since FinnoUgric *k before back vowel becomes Hungarian /h/).

Let's not go overboard with frivolous connections unless you can further
substantiate in some way why this particular set of words, or the cornucopia
you've already proposed previous, should be connected.

- gLeN
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