PIE Mythical Geography

From: João Simões Lopes Filho
Message: 3333
Date: 2000-08-21

Since we are talking about Cosmic Trees, Underworld, etc, I'd like to introduce my ideas about PIE Geography.
Middle: The Earth
West : The Land of Night and Darkness
Greek Hesperis, Tartaros (in some versions);
East: The Land of Light and Sun.
Greek: Aia, Kolkhida
South: The Land of Eternal Flames
Greek: Aithiopia Norse: Musspelsheim
North: The Land of Eternal Ice
Greek: Scythia, Hyperborea Norse: Niflheim India: Kuru
ABove: The Atmosphere
Norse: Alfheim
More Above: The Heaven
Aither, Asgard, Amaravati
Below: The Subterraneous Land
Norse: Svartalfheim India: Naga's land
More Below: The Land of Dead
Greek: Tartaros Norse: Helheim
These concepts was changed due to the evolution of the different people with progressive geographical knowledge increasing.
So, The mythical land of West HESPERIA, to the Greeks, turned to be Italia, after to Iberia, and after to Atlantis.
Joao SL