Re: [tied] Poseidon

From: Glen Gordon
Message: 3308
Date: 2000-08-20

>The etymology of Roman Neptune is in here too.
>A myth, "Child/Grandson/Nephew of the Water", or, "Fire-in-Water" is
> >imputed PIE status. EIEC's transcription is *h2epom nepots. The water
> >deity, be it male or female, is firey, living in the water. A >qualified
>hero -- one in the nationalistic mold -- has to somehow >approach the deity
>and obtain/recover certains powers or talismans of >political legitimacy.
>Theseus tossing the ring in the sea, then >visiting the court of Amphitrite
>would be the Greek reflex.

Maybe it truely is "Grandson" more than anything where *Da:nu "primordial
waters" is the grandfather/grandmother and the World Tree is the
father/mother? Just a thought.

Is *xepom attested elsewhere besides in IndoIranian?

- gLeN

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