Re: [tied] Re: Gimbutas.

From: petegray
Message: 3089
Date: 2000-08-12

Someone (I get lost in the back and forth of correspondence) said:
>Grammatically and phonologically B-Sl. is closer to Indo-Iranian than to
Germanic. It is mainly shared vocabulary that connects it with Germanic,

This is open to question and debate, and in my opinion, rebuttal. Baltic
and Slavic share several features with Germanic and not with I-I, and all
three groups (or two if you count B-S as one) lack the many innovations
which I-I shares with Greek, particularly in verb morphology.

Shared features (against I-I):
1. no differentiation of endings of perfect and aorist
2. secondary tenses not marked by -i
3. absence of augment
4. absence of -osyo genitive
5. absence of ma: negative
6. absence of locative plural in -su
7. presence of dative plurals in -m- instead of -bh-
8. interconsonantal H falls
9. no -teros comparative

They share with Iranian, but not with Indic, the development of -Vwy-
to -Vuy-