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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2000-08-10

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From: John Croft
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Pavel and John,
Just a minor etymological clarification: Khan = Turkish khân, a trivial contraction of khâqân 'Khakan (ruler)', just like English king from older kyning), so a khanate is essentially the same thing as a khaganate, though the latter term (also spelt "khakanate") is preferred by some historians with reference to early political units such as the Turkic, Khazar or Uyghur states.
John: ... the Khazar Khanate ...
Pavel: ... the Khazar Caganate (not Khanate, definitely) ...

John: I also understand that the Khazar term for their government was Khaganata.  "Khan" was a term given later to Chingis as a late Mongol adaptation of the earlier Turkish term.