Re: [tied] Pre-IE stuff...

From: Marc Verhaegen
Message: 3029
Date: 2000-08-09

>> I'll check out the 20-or-so messages from yous when I
>> have time later this evening. I haven't forgotten John's
>> archaeological rebuttals against the idea that IE is from
>> Central Asia nor the plea from Danny Wier (I think, it
>> was him) to explain why an ancient relationship of AA
>> to IE must still exist despite any convincingness
>> of Semitish loans... more later.

I think it was me. I liked to hear more about the "recent" (15,000 BC you
said?) relationship between IE & AA.

Marc Verhaegen

>I don't think it was me; I'm of the opinion that there is *some*
>connection between IE and AA. I'm infamously pro-Nostratic you know.
>I'm about to look at your new work. I'm also still waiting on the
>Renfrew book I ordered... DaW.