Re: [tied] Croatian: Etymology

From: Steve Woodson
Message: 3005
Date: 2000-08-08

kalyan97@... wrote:

> Here is an URL link to an ongoing debate on the etymology of
> 'Croatian'.
> I would deeply appreciate insights and comments on the etymological
> problem.
> Regards.
> Dr. S. Kalyanaraman

Dr. Kalyanaraman,
Thank you, sir, for the link. I was aware of the "white Croatia"
(Chrobatia) in southern Poland but the controversy over their origins,
especially their name, is new, and very interesting.
It would seem quite possible that a Iranian (or other) tribe may have
established themselves as overlords over a Slavic tribe and, after a
generation, adopted their language but kept their name. The Bulgars, though
not Iranian, are an example, from the same time period.