Re: [cybalist] Re: Balto and Slavic Rs.

From: Gerry Reinhart-Waller
Message: 2059
Date: 2000-04-07

a late post:

> Oh, vey. No, silly! It's definitely not Lithuanian. I'm afraid the diagnosis
> is a rather advanced and terminal case of r-insertion, found in many English
> dialects where non-initial, non-intervocalic "r" is usually no longer
> pronounced (including New England).
> This "r" is usually dropped... EXCEPT if it precedes another vowel, as in
> the speech pattern of the UK band Oasis, reflected in their famous song,
> "...champagne supernova-R-in the sky...". Yeah, I listen to Oasis. They make
> great music, so what? Who are you to judge my musical tastes? :P
> There are many other weird cases of retroflex "r": the "wash/warsh" pattern
> in Newfoundlandese, for instance. We musn't blame the poor BaltoSlavic
> languages for everything that goes on in the world. :)
> - gLeN

A case of -r insertion it just might be. Here's one for you taken from
my stint at San Juan High: There's a *dog barking* in the hall vs
there's a dorg ba-king in hall. Or is this a case of retroflex "r" like
the wash/warsh pattern?


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