Re: Odp: [cybalist] Ein' feste Burg

From: Mark Odegard
Message: 2049
Date: 2000-04-05

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From: Tommy Tyrberg

I remember seeing a suggestion that Pyrgos (from IE *bhrgh-, germanic
berg/burg) is a loan from some non-greek Balkan IE language (thracian?)
together with the river-name Strymon, supposedle derived from IE *sreu-
(greek rheo- , germanic straum

Stefan Zimmer, in his review of EIEC in JIES Spring/Summer 99, comments under "Flow":
S.v. *streu, the river name Streumon, belonging one of the minor Indo-European languages on the Balkan, might be mentioned.
Angela Della Volpe's article "Fort", under the berg/burg word, mentions this possible borrowing (for purgos) also. She uses "Pelasgian" as the word for a pre-Greek IE language occupying Greece.
Thracian? Who knows. The stream-word.