Re: Scythians

From: Steve Woodson
Message: 2045
Date: 2000-04-05


Adriana Kamenetsky wrote: Home: - Simplifying group communications
  `    This is in reguards to the part of your text on Scythian tattoos.  In the first issue of the "Journal of Indo-European Studies" Vol. 1, No 1, there is an article that deals, in part, with the Pazyryk tattoos.  Professor Otto von Sadovszky uses one of the tattoos to validate part of his article's conclusions.  This being an ancient, multi-ethnic, association of the calf of the leg with fish and fish roe.  There is indeed a tattoo of a fish on the leg of the body found in the Pazyryk tomb.  It runs the length of the calf with the head at the top.  It only takes a little imagination to see this resemblance if you look at your leg.
    Besides the many IE comparisons there are Finno-Ugaric, Turkic, and interestingly many California indian languages.
    Professor Sadovszky was my teacher back in 1973 at California State University, Fullerton and was the one who introduced me to IE studies.  Besides being an Indo-Europeanist he is also an expert on California indian languages and used to talk often on how much they seemed to resemble, in many ways, european languages.
    For those of you trying to show  relationships among all the various Euro-Asiatic languages you might find his article interesting.