The Indo-European Database

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Date: 2000-04-03

Dear Members,

3 April, 2000

Re: The Indo-European Database

A new scientific project was launched today on the Web. Ten leading websites devoted to linguistic, historical and cultural studies of Europe and Asia merged to create The Indo-European Database, the widest and most reliable source of academic knowledge about Indo-European languages, history, archaeology, and mythology.

The Indo-European Database (TIED) introduces a wide range of brand new issues of research in linguistic and historical area, grammars and glossaries, publications and etymologies written and collected by the Members. Joint projects will be implemented in the field of Indo-European studies. Besides, the Indo-European Forum, a part of TIED, acting since September, 1999, has been renovated to satisfy all needs of the interested audience.

The Indo-European Database is open for new Members and Authors who would like to contribute to the research of social sciences and who is willing to carry new ideas and theories to the audience. The Database is a non-commercial project, all its materials are free for everyone.

See The Indo-European Database at:
Russian version available at:

Cyril Babaev