Re: Macro-Pelasgia

From: Ivanovas/Milatos
Message: 1750
Date: 2000-03-02

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I like the way Rex put the points together we've discussed so far (although
on some of them I just don't see enough data to decide in any direction.

Although this might be of interest:
Rex wrote:
>Rasenna doesn't seem to fit<

I'm not a fan of the Tyrrhenoi-Troy equation (I believe the point of origin
was larger, possibly including Troy, but extending further down south, but
that's just my guess).
The -Vnna suffix fits certainly quite well, because it's typical for
Anatolian languages. cf. Arinna, but to my opinion here belong also the
Cretan goddess Diktynna and the - unknown, but mentioned among other god's
names in Linear B - Cretan Pi-pi-tu-na, especially interesting as there is a
Hittite plant with the same reduplication and another suffix - also unknown,
it seems : pi-pi-tar.

So we'd have to find a (P)IE meaning for *ras- ...

Any suggestions?

There is also an interesting Etruscan vase showing the traditional
connection labyrinth-Troy (tracing from the Tragliatella Oinochoe, Rome, 7th
cent. BC., see attachment). This could have taken the way via Greece, though
(there was e.g. one similar labyrinth on the back of a LB tablet from Pylos,
13th cent. BC., the Knossian labyrinth-depictions(!) are later, as far as I

The mythological connections I see are manyfold, as I'm specially studying
those figures with a '-minth' suffix this would lead too far to explain, but
whoever is interested will see the connections easily.

Best wishes from Crete

Sabine Ivanovas